Re: Zephyr HCI Mesh Support

Johan Hedberg

Hi Vivek,

On 23. Jun 2020, at 20.32, Vivek Rajpara via <> wrote:
We are looking for the solution where we need to use Meshctl on Linux host and control the Zephyr based BT with it, can you please let us know if this support is enabled in Zephyr or not?
Looking forward to hearing from you as it is a crucial design factor for us.

Below is our setup
nrf52840(as BT HCI controller) + Arm processor with Linux (we are using bluez 5.50 meshctl tool)

I can see BT_HCI_MESH_EXT config, but it can't be enabled from menuconfig, I tried to enable it in project configuration but still, I can't send any command from meshctl to zephyr yet.
As far as I know, the BT_HCI_MESH_EXT option is for HCI vendor extensions which haven’t been implemented yet. However, BlueZ doesn’t require or even support them, so this should be a non-issue, meaning you should be able to use BlueZ (and its mesh stack) just fine with the Zephyr controller.


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