Re: Bluetooth mesh and Central role simultaneously #bluetoothmesh #bluetooth

Johan Hedberg

Hi Andreas,

On 1. Jul 2020, at 15.47, wrote:
I am aware of the reduced scanning time for the mesh. It’s just that in my scenario the mesh is running all day long, and occasionally some BLE smartphone touches the device and then I need that fast ad-hoc connection.
With saying “LPN nodes are an exception”: do you think that the targeted coexistence with BLE Central role could be possible with a LowPower node? 

No, I don’t think that combination would make sense. One option I forgot to mention is the bt_mesh_suspend() & bt_mesh_resume() APIs. You could try suspending mesh operations (advertising & scanning) for the duration of performing what you need in central role, and then calling bt_mesh_resume() again. The effect will basically be the same as taking the mesh node out of range from the mesh network for that duration.


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