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Carles Cufi

Hi Simon,


A decision like that would need to go through the TSC, and in order to be able to vote we’d need to have clear stats on how many PRs are actually blocked by this policy. I was thinking about this recently, and given that those in Zephyr with merge rights can in fact add their +1 and they typically rely on a maintainer’s review to decide whether to merge a PR or not, this might not have as big as an impact as I originally thought.


That said, I believe we need a new GitHub filter to help us. Right now, we have one that lists PRs that are approved, passing CI and ready to merge, but what we need is one that shows all PRs that are partially approved (i.e. a single +1) and passing CI. Then those of us with merge rights could go over those regularly (like we do for the former) and, provided there’s a +1 from a maintainer, we could take one additional look at the PR, approve it and merge it.


I’d very much like to hear the opinion of others with merge rights in this thread.






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Hi Carles,


On Fri, 12 Jun 2020 at 03:19, Carles Cufi <carles.cufi@...> wrote:

Hi all,

We currently have 170+ Pull Requests that pass CI but require one or more approvals in order to be merged, in part due to the fact that we have increased the minimum number of approvals required from 1 to 2.


Perhaps given the situation this should be reversed?





Help reviewing those PRs is greatly appreciated:



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