Re: SDK 0.11.4 Release

Stephanos Ioannidis

To elaborate, there is a critical bug in the GCC 8.3.0 (included in the Zephyr
SDK 0.10.3) that causes it to emit incorrect instructions for the ARC targets.

This issue seems to be fixed in the GCC 9.x, so we need to release a new SDK,
that is compatible with the 1.14 LTS release, with GCC 9.x (or alternatively,
update the 1.14 LTS so that it can be used with the latest release of Zephyr
SDK, but I am not sure how feasible that would be).


p.s. another reason to use the Zephyr version number as the base for the SDK
version numbers (cc @tejlmand)

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Any plan to have 1.14 LTS branch upgrading SDK as master does? IMHO, we should do that because we claim it's LTS branch.


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Some minor fixes related to newlib and a packaging related fix for the individual arch toolchain packages (missing the cmake files)

The SDK can be found here:

Please download and try things out and report any issues.

- General:
* Fixed issue with cmake files not being installed in arch specific
toolchan packages

- newlib:
* Fix setting of -DMISSING_SYSCALL_NAMES consistent on all builds
* Set march=pentium for 32-bit x86 build

- k

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