GH auto-close policy

Boie, Andrew P

Hi All,


I think we need to re-examine the current policy of auto-closing bugs after 60 days of no activity. I understand the intent, we don't want stale bugs lying around, but I think what we have now introduces some bad incentives.


The current policy that was recently introduced is, AFAICT:

  • If a bug is idle for 60 days, a warning is posted to the GH ticket
  • If the warning is not responded to within 14 days, the bug is closed.


This unfortunately creates an incentive for bug assignees to simply ignore bugs that are assigned to them, as after a while they will go away.

The onus is currently on the *reporter* to keep these bugs from auto-closing. Because it's the reporter who cared enough to open the bug report to begin with. The assignee may not care at all, or have bigger fish to fry.


I will freely admit to ignoring some P3 bugs assigned to me by the Coverity-Bot, I'd probably get around to them eventually if someone started bugging me about them, but as it stands now they just got auto-closed a few days ago and now I probably don't have to worry about them ever!

I know that I've filed several P3 issues against x86_64 that I assigned to myself that I don't plan on getting around to for a while, but I would very much not like to lose the information that these bugs exist at all!


As it stands now, as someone who opens a lot of bugs, of varying priority levels, I have to either:

  • Monitor all my GitHub emails, every day, for warnings that some bug I opened that the assignee ignored is about to be auto-closed. I get hundreds to over a thousand GitHub emails every day.
  • On a bi-weekly basis, review every single bug I've opened to check for warnings from github-actions and prod them so they don't get auto-closed. I currently have 27 bugs open that I reported. I don't know how many have been auto-closed already.


Maybe this was all anticipated and that's how we want it. But if not I think the current policy needs to be thought about some more, and while that's taking place I ask that this mechanism be disabled.



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