Re: Community input on possible change to Discord from Slack

Nashif, Anas

I am not saying IRC is a quality chat client, but the model works in that you can also chat without threads, and it has been done and is being done in many places already. I personally find threads an annoyance in slack and is usually where I miss most of the conversations. Keeping an eye on the inflow of messages while doing something else and jumping in when interested is not something that is possible with threads, you basically have to click and open threads to see what is going on.


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Age is not necessarily a sign of quality. Usenet is still around in some
form or another, but nobody is advocating we use it for Zephyr, are they?

I think the IRC style of simultaneously carrying on multiple unrelated
conversations in the same channel using nicks hard to read and find
threads much more readable. Just my two cents.

"Nashif, Anas via"
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It depends who you ask, lots of people actually do not care or like threads the way they are implemented in Slack. This is basically a place where conversation just get buried.
> IRC did not have threads, yet it is still there after almost 30 years.
> Anas
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> Date: Tuesday, 21 July 2020 at 19:41
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> Subject: Re: [Zephyr-devel] Community input on possible change to Discord from Slack
> Are we tracking the Zephyr requirements for a chat server anywhere, and assessing them against a list of candidate services?
> Based on some trials at I think thread support should be a requirement, and that Discord doesn't satisfy it.
> Peter

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