Re: Overriding import whitelist


Hi Carles,

Great, that works well, thank you!




From: Cufi, Carles <Carles.Cufi@...>
Sent: 31 July 2020 10:39
To: Jamie Mccrae <Jamie.Mccrae@...>; devel@...
Subject: RE: Overriding import whitelist


Hi Jamie,


This seems to work fine for me locally:


$ cat app/west.yml


  version: 0.7



    - name: ncs

      path: nrf




          - canopennode


    path: app




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Sent: 31 July 2020 09:47
To: devel@...
Subject: [Zephyr-devel] Overriding import whitelist



For our projects, we are trying to minimise the components we need to check out and download so reduce disk space, bandwidth and automated build times. The default zephyr westyml pulls in a lot of repositories we don’t need and there is the import name whitelist feature which can be used which is what we’re looking for, however it seems that according to a whitelist overrides a blacklist. For our projects, we are using the Nordic nRF connect SDK which makes use of the name whitelist feature and the nRF connect SDK repository pulls in the zephyr component – is there a way to further limit this from our project? This is from the west.yml file in that repository:


          - canopennode

          - ci-tools

          - cmsis

          - civetweb

          - edtt

          - fatfs

          - hal_nordic

          - hal_st

          - libmetal

          - littlefs

          - loramac-node

          - lvgl

          - mbedtls

          - mipi-sys-t

          - net-tools

          - nrf_hw_models

          - open-amp

          - openthread

          - segger

          - tinycbor

          - tinycrypt


So for example we don’t want canopennode so is there a way we can exclude it from our west.yml file which is above the nrf repository which will then be passed down to the zephyr manifest file through the nrf manifest file, whilst overriding the nrf whitelist (our west.yml > nrf west.yml > zephyr west.yml)?



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