GitHub workflow issue: Dismissing your own review

Paul Sokolovsky


I spotted a following issue: if I gave negative ("change requested")
review (or just the same, positive review), I don't seem to be able to
change it back to "no review".

For example, if I looked at some patch and spotted a glaring typo, I'd
feel that warrants "requesting a change". But once submitter fixes it,
I can't reset my review to the neutral state. The only choice is to
approve the PR, but often, that's not a choice because I didn't review
PR in full, or not familiar enough with some subsystem.
tells that review dismissal is possible, but doesn't document who can
dismiss a review. I definitely don't see "Dismiss review" links like
shown there, and can't dismiss my own review (which is of course a bug
in Github).

Can someone give suggestions what to do in this case? In particular,
can people with merge permissions check if they're shown "Dismiss
review" links like above?

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