Zephyr Project Code Guideline - A Couple Notes

Hibberd, Amber M <amber.m.hibberd@...>

Hi All,

Just wanted to send out a communication to highlight a few things regarding the Zephyr Project Coding Guideline (CG):

-The CG has been published to the Zephyrproject.org documentation, here: https://docs.zephyrproject.org/latest/guides/coding_guidelines/index.html#coding-guidelines
-There is a Github label created to use for finding / submitting PRs. It is: area: Code Guideline.
-By searching you can find some compliance activity already started.
-The Safety WG is working to publish a violation report to be used as reference in this interim time as we work to identify and integrate a scanning tool into our CI. An update will be coming in a couple weeks.

Let me know if you have any questions / would like more information.
Thank you!

Amber Hibberd
Software Engineering Manager
Firmware & Microcontroller Operating System (FMOS)
Intel Corporation | OR-JF1-2 Pole B17

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