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Hi Carles,

I don't understand how to select which driver is used for the current project, as all are listed in the kconfig.


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Hi there,


LVGL has been updated to version 7 in master:


Changing the display driver is done in Kconfig (and I assume Devicetree):





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Hi there,

I've been using LVGL for creating GUIs together with Nordic nRF5 SDK. I have to move to nRF Connect SDK for developing with nRF53 (which is actually based on Zephyr project). I'm quite new to Zephyr and I opened the LVGL example for nRF52840. But I'm using a different display driver and I cannot find a way how to change it. The information in the documentation is quite poor for this topic. Is there a plan to also move to LVGL version 7, as the one that is used now is version 6. 

Many thanks!

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