Zephyr module and build settings. (BOARD, SOC, DTS, and ARCH root support)

Rasmussen, Torsten



Zephyr modules has been extended to support multiple BOARD_ROOT, SOC_ROOT, DTS_ROOT, and ARCH_ROOT on command line.

Also Zephyr modules `module.yml` schema has been extended to allow modules to describe those roots as build settings.


For example:



    board_root: .

    dts_root: .

    soc_root: .

    arch_root: .


See more here: https://docs.zephyrproject.org/latest/guides/modules.html#build-settings


As part of this, the `SOC_DIR` in Kconfig files has been removed, and any Kconfig code relying on `SOC_DIR` must be updated, for example to use `rsource`.

If your code is currently having a Kconfig in `<my_soc_root>/<arch>/Kconfig` sourcing other files based on `SOC_DIR`:



source $(SOC_DIR)/$(ARCH)/Kconfig.soc


then such code can be updated to:

rsource Kconfig.soc


For more details, see release notes and relevant PRs:






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