Re: Does ISR cause a preemptible thread to be swapped out

George Kumar

Thanks Andrew P. Yes this is the behaviour I am observing. So I guess everything is as expected.

Thanks to all for responding.

On Wed, Sep 9, 2020 at 3:08 PM Boie, Andrew P <andrew.p.boie@...> wrote:

Hi George,


  • In Zephyr scheduling, after an ISR is done, can a preemptible thread be swapped out, and a higher priority thread, if ready, is allowed to run?


Yes this is guaranteed. There should always be a scheduler hook when coming out of a non-nested peripheral interrupt and if any higher priority thread(s) are runnable, the kernel will context switch to the highest one if the current thread is preemptible.  Feel free to file a bug if you are not seeing this to be the case.




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