Re: Zephyr v2.4.0-rc3 tagged

Chettimada, Vinayak Kariappa

Hi Maureen,


> The final release remains scheduled for 25 Sep.


I see that one of my PR has not been merged, because there was a merge conflict introduced due to another PR that was merged.




This PR was submitted 19 days ago, covering a bug reported by a user. It has since not got reviews after repeated reminders to reviewers until “it's a big change that fixes one low priority bug. do we really need it?

“ and “it is this late in the release cycle…” decision being taken. (Discussions in #release slack channel)


There are 142 low priority bugs still open as mentioned in this email chain.

A bug is a bug, an assignee works on a fix during the release stabilization period.

Fix PR could be submitted by assignee before the next Release Candidate, these PR shall be merged else there is no point in classifying medium and low priority if the fixes are not merged because release criteria of < 150 low priority bugs is already met because of other PRs being closed.


There should be a RC4 considering that all medium and low priority bugs having a submitted PR that is passing CI gets reviews/approvals. These PRs can be omitted if there are pending change requests and it is decided to be removed from v2.4 milestone.






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Subject: [Zephyr-devel] Zephyr v2.4.0-rc3 tagged


Hi everyone,

The third release candidate for Zephyr v2.4.0 has been tagged (v2.4.0-rc3). The full release log can be found here:


This is hopefully the last release candidate before we finalize the v2.4.0 release. We have satisfied release quality criteria [1] with the exception of one high priority bug. Current bug counts are:

    High: 1

    Medium: 18

    Low: 142


The outstanding high priority bug is to deprecate and remove old k_mem_pool/sys_mem_pool APIs [2]. The TSC decided this week that the PR fixing this bug [3] is too extensive to merge at this late stage of the release cycle. We have documented the mem_pool APIs as deprecated [4], but will wait until after the v2.4.0 release to tag them with the __deprecated attribute and fix in-tree uses, then remove the APIs completely in v2.6.0 LTS.


The purpose of this release candidate is to do one last round of QA testing and finalize release notes. I don’t plan to merge anything other than documentation unless QA testing reveals new bugs that cause us to no longer satisfy release quality criteria.


The final release remains scheduled for 25 Sep.


A big Thank You to everyone that contributed to this release so far, be it with code, reviews, documentation or any other type of contribution!








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