Re: SMP support for ARM architecture

Boie, Andrew P

Hi Krzysztof,


I'm assuming that you're referring to ARM Cortex-A? A patch recently landed to implement switch instead of swap: There is a GitHub enhancement for ARM64 SMP support but nobody is working on it AFAIK.


CPU affinity is currently implemented via the k_thread_cpu_mask_* APIs in include/kernel.h. So if you get SMP working on your arch the scheduling infrastructure is there.


This is just the first step, to fully implement SMP you'll need per-cpu variables, IPIs, some extra arch_* APIs implemented, etc. We don't have a porting guide for SMP yet, and having not done this myself I'm not quite an expert in this area but I would reach out to Andy Ross for general SMP enabling questions, and for ARM64 stuff I would coordinate with  Carlo Caione who has done much of the work so far.


We have SMP working on x86_64, ARC, and Xtensa so reviewing that may also be helpful.





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For our multicore ARM based project we would like to use SMP and affinity mechanism in Zephyr. When digging into the code I found that it is not implemented.

Mainly, there is an implementation of arch_switch() missing needed by SMP. Can someone give me any guideline as to what would be required for implementation to have an SMP/afinity mechanism operational in Zephyr on ARM platform.




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