Re: Runtime pin remapping on STM32F103

Erwan Gouriou

Hi Thomas,

Would you mind giving us some details on your use case ?
Do you expect to be able to change only the affectation of the pin and apply preconfigured settings ?
For instance PIN X is:
ALT FUNC 5, pull up, open drain for PWM
Analog for ADC
Input  when GPIO
And then you switch between those config in the application?

Or do you expect to be able to be able to program the pin at run time to any kind of function ?

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Hi Thomas,


This is currently not possible, but under active discussion:




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I'm looking for how I would switch a physical pin between ADC, PWM and GPIO, all without the chip being reprogrammed.

I have found pinmux, but I can't tell exactly what it does as documentation is lacking.


Thanks a bunch,


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