Re: Zephyr Toolchain Working Group Meeting – 2 November 2020

Rasmussen, Torsten

Today’s MoM:



  • LLVM
    • #24917, infrastructure in place and works, when linking with GNU ld.
      • Work needed regarding:
        • Linking with llvm-ld (log2ceil)
        • Linking with llvm-ldd
        • Compiler-rt
  • Zephyr SDK
    • Beta Zephyr SDK 0.12 last week
    • Outstanding issue on Zephyr side, arm64, #28650
    • ARC / TLS support ?
      • On ARC the build itself doesn’t seem to enable it.
    • Eugeniy will look into this.
    • Cleanup and add Kconfig regarding TLS support, default to `n`
      Also allow users to specify if he know the toolchain support TLS
      • Newlib should be part of this cleanup   
      • Are we mixing Kconfig too much with toolchain properties ?
      • Having information in both places, having CMake drives the Kconfig values ?
    • Nothing happening on new packaging regarding Windows / macOS platform
      • No further work is expected to happen regarding Zephyr SDK for Windows / MacOS, unless someone has the time and volunteers to drive this forward.
        It’s better to focus resources on better toolchain support, such as LLVM.


Thanks to all participants for good discussions.




From: Rasmussen, Torsten
Sent: 2 November, 2020 14:37
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Subject: Zephyr Toolchain Working Group Meeting – 2 November 2020


Call for today’s Toolchain WG.




·         Updates:

o    Thomas: IAR: Updates ?

o    Zephyr SDK.

§  LLVM support

§  compiler-rt.

o    #24917

§  Linking with lld.

§  Compiler-rt ?

o    Milestones for 2.5, news.



Feel free to send a mail, if you would like additional topics to be discussed.


Best regards


Torsten T. Rasmussen           


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