New Manifest GitHub Action

Carles Cufi

Hi all,

We've recently merged and enabled a new GitHub Action to help with manifest (west.yml) updates.
The Action runs on every Pull Request and automatically detects any changes made to west.yml, adding labels accordingly and displaying a summary in table form:

What this means for you if you are a module maintainer or submit updates to module repositories:

- You do not need to manually "link" the PR to the module and the PR to the main tree anymore, this will be done by the GitHub action
- You do not need to set or remove a "DNM" label anymore, this will be done by the action
- You can check if the new revision matches the tip of a branch by checking the comment posted by the action
- Everything else needs to be done just like before, the action will not create Pull Requests for you (yet)

If you are interested in running this action in your own downstream or west-based repository, you can find the relevant info here:



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