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Carles Cufi

Hi Steven,


Your PRs do not modify existing APIs or add any new ones, from what I can tell after a quick look.

You can either wait for reviews, or bring those up at the dev-review meeting on Thursday.


Check this link for a full meeting schedule:




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Would my two driver addition PR be in this meeting? If not could you direct me to the appropriate call/place?




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One extra item to the agenda:

- drivers: eeprom: mark the EEPROM API as stable
 - PR:

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Hi all,

Agenda for today, taken from the Triage column in the project.

- API to correlate system time with external time sources and translate
uptime to wall-clock time
 - PR:
- drivers: gpio: Combined drive strength flags
 - PR:
- drivers: pwm: add functions for capturing pwm pulse width and period
 - PR:

If you have additional items please let me know.

Teams link:




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