MAINTAINERS file and Pull-Request assignments

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Based on various discussions and decisions made last year we introduced the MAINTAINERS file which serves as main place for documenting areas of the Zephyr code base and the respective maintainers and collaborators of those areas.

The goal has been to identify all key areas and the maintainers of those areas and use robots (CI) to add reviewers and labels and add assignees for each pull request submitted to the Zephyr project to accelerate reviews and bring pull requests to a mergable state. Assignees in the context will be responsible for driving a pull request to a mergeable state. (for example, getting the required 2 approvals, helping contributors with the code changes, deal with stale reviews, etc.)


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Some of you have noticed over the last week pull-requests being assigned to you by *zephyr-bot*. This was a first attempt to deal with all open pull-requests and set the right assignee and add reviewers based on the data in the MAINTAINERS file. This activity was done manually using a script.


The plan is to integrate this as a Github action and set assignee and add reviewers for new pull requests, something that will happen by the end of this week.


Please help us improve this process and the data in the MAINTAINERS file:

  • Review the PRs that were assigned to you and let us know if you think something was incorrectly assigned to you.
  • Review the MAINTAINERS file and examine the areas you are responsible for and add any missing paths
  • Review PRs where you were added as reviewers and report any issues


We are already aware of some issues with adding reviewers where already existing reviewer were added or removed by mistake. This was fixed already in the script.


The baseline for the assignments was this PR This PR already has some significant changes, and it should be merged soon.


Use slack or reply to this email if you have any questions or concerns.



Anas Nashif


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