incoming build dependency on Python elftools

Boie, Andrew P

Some changes are coming in to convert host build tools like gen_idt and gen_offset_header to Python, as well as some new tools to support memory protection which involve parsing DWARF information in the built ELF binaries.


To support this change, we will additionally require the Python 3 build of the pyelftools package, version 0.24 or later. You will need to install this on your development workstation. Please note that some Linux distristributions are out-of-date on this package, including the current version of Fedora and Ubuntu 16.04 and earlier. Because of this we recommend installing this via 'pip'. The documentation will be updated when the patches land, but in brief:


  pip3 install --user pyelftools


You may need to install the Python 3 version of pip, the package name on both Ubuntu and Fedora is 'python3-pip'.



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