Zephyr 2.5.0 released, merge window is now open.

Nashif, Anas


We are pleased to announce the release of Zephyr RTOS version 2.5.0!


Major enhancements with this release include:

  • Introduced support for the SPARC processor architecture and the LEON

processor implementation.

  • Added Thread Local Storage (TLS) support
  • Added support for per thread runtime statistics
  • Added support for building with LLVM on X86
  • Added new synchronization mechanisms using Condition Variables
  • Add support for demand paging on systems with MMU



The detailed release notes can be found here:




The next release, v2.6.0, is scheduled for May 28th, 2021. The merge window is now open.


Thank you to everyone that contributed features, documentation, testing, infrastructure, and bug fixes!




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