Re: LTS schedule and scope meeting on Tuesday, 23rd February

Peter A. Bigot

As an active Zephyr contributor for over two years, speaking as an self-employed contractor and not for anybody that funds some of those contributions, I would like to provide a perspective on the LTS issue.

LTS1 (1.14.0) was released 2019-04-06.  The published date for LTS2 release is 2021-05-28.  That LTS2 was expected by the middle of this year cannot be considered a surprise.

I find it absurd that we are now, three months before that release, discussing whether it will occur on schedule, and what it will be.

Regardless of what the Zephyr charter or old slide decks contain, the term LTS is widely understood to mean "long term support": a reasonably well-tested release with a commitment to provide over several years scheduled updates that fix important security or functional problems. Companies plan product releases with the expectation that the frameworks they're depending on will stabilize and be available in a supported release at roughly the promised date.

I recognize that many features that Zephyr member companies had intended to be in LTS2 aren't ready.  But that's a problem for those companies, and shouldn't be made into one for other Zephyr stakeholders.

A decision to not release 2.6 this spring/summer as LTS2 and support it as promised would abrogate the agreement Zephyr has with its users, particularly affecting smaller companies and individuals who are not project members, don't have any vote in this question, and may not even be aware that it's being discussed.

My recommendation is: Proceed with 2.6 LTS2 as promised.  Direct short-term planning effort toward scaling down and documenting expectations for this release, and to addressing significant known shortfalls in existing features if that can be done without breaking things.  Announce soon exactly what will be in 2.6, and release it on schedule as an LTS.

Then go back and figure out what went wrong and how to address the process gaps that led to this situation.


On 2/18/21 4:19 AM, Carles Cufi via wrote:
Hi all,

As you probably know, on Tuesdays we have two regularly scheduled meetings:

- API meeting (17:00 UTC)
- Bug triage and Release Readiness meeting (18:00 UTC)

This week however, we will hold a special one-off meeting to discuss the schedule and scope of the next LTS release.
The meeting will be open to everyone and will last two hours.

When: Tuesday, 23rd February, 17:00 UTC (18:00 CET, 12PM EST, 11AM CST, 9AM PST)



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