Questions on the BLE mesh example


Congratulations on adding the BLE mesh functionality to zephyr so quick after the release of the standard.

I am working on a smartlight based upon zephyr and would like to add the mesh functionality. I have some questions regarding the mesh_demo example:

1. Is the mesh_demo example able to work over power cycling ? I cannot find any reference to storing the IV index in flash so I guess if the power stays off long enough the device can no longer be part of the mesh.

2. In the mesh_demo example the microbit.c file contains two routines: board_seq_update(u32_t seq) and get_seq(void). I can't figure out what these routines are for and why SEQ_PER_BIT, SEQ_PAGE and SEQ_MAX are defined.

I have just started with BLE mesh so maybe these questions are beginners questions.

Thanks and kind regards,


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