Re: Cannot build "mesh" sample into #nRF52810 emulating with #nRF52 DK #nrf52810 #nrf52 #bluetoothmesh

Trond Snekvik


The Bluetooth Mesh sample in the default configuration simply doesn't fit on the nRF52810, unfortunately.
There are a couple of config files in this sample that are designed to fit on memory constrained devices though.
The nrf51_qfaa.conf config file, for instance, is built for a device with much less ram and flash than nRF52810.
You can either pass that directly to west with the -DCONF_FILE argument, like this:

west build -p -b nrf52dk_nrf52810 -- -DCONF_FILE=nrf51_qfaa.conf

or copy the contents of this file to a prj_nrf52dk_nrf52810.conf file and run your original command.
The nrf51_qfaa.conf file is probably a bit overkill though, so you can compare its contents with prj.conf, and see if you can find some middle ground that includes the feature set you'd like.


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Subject: [Zephyr-devel] Cannot build "mesh" sample into #nRF52810 emulating with #nRF52 DK #bluetoothmesh
Hello everyone !

I am using the nRF52DK board to emulate the nRF52810, I succeed in running some samples like "blinky", "hello_world" or "beacon" in the path zephyrproject/zephyr/samples/bluetooth.

However, I cannot build the sample "mesh" which is in the same path as "beacon", because of an overflowing with 'FLASH' and 'SRAM'.

OS : Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Toolchain : Zephyr SDK 0.12.3

Command I used :
west build -p -b nrf52dk_nrf52810 samples/bluetooth/mesh

Output :

I tried to modify the "prj.conf" file, but even if I disabled some not essential configurations, I still have an overflow with the 'SRAM'. My main goal is to use an nRF52810 as an end-device inside my mesh network.

Is there any kind of solution ?

Best regards

David HENG

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