Re: how to describe a peripheral with power enable pin

Rafael Dias

Hi Peter,
thank you.

I was performing some tests here and I have a question: if I want to enable two or more supply-regulators in device three, how to proceed?

I tried this approach and it doesn't work:

/ {
regulator {
compatible = "regulator-fixed";
regulator-name = "Si7021 enable pin";
enable-gpios = < &gpiod 9 0 >;
label = "Si7021pwr";

regulator {
compatible = "regulator-fixed";
regulator-name = "Si7021 enable pin test";
enable-gpios = < &gpiod 10 0 >;
label = "Si7021pwr2";

Using this declarations, only the second definition,  Si7021pwr2, appears on ./zephyr/include/generated/devicetree_unfixed.h

On Fri, 2 Apr 2021 at 13:08, Peter A. Bigot <pab@...> wrote:
The regulators API was designed for this purpose.  For a simple GPIO you should just be able to use a supply-gpios property in the devicetree node.  See


Rafael Dias Menezes

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