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Porting Raspberry Pi 3 has many issues. Zephyr OS does not support the Raspberry Pi 3. The Raspberry Pi 3 is a different ARM architecture than what we currently have support for. The Raspberry Pi 3 is Cortex A5, we currently support a few Cortex M versions. Adding support for another architecture is a major undertaking. This is just the SoC issue. The next problem with porting for the Raspberry Pi 3 board is that you don't have schematics. This means you can't support any of the hardware on the board. The schematics for Raspberry Pi boards are proprietary and are not released to the public at all. Do you work for Raspberry Pi Organization? If not, I doubt you can get the schematics.

On Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 7:32 AM Bandaru Sivakrishna <bandarusivakrishna@...> wrote:
Hi Zephyr Dev Team,

I am planning to port this Zephyr OS on to Raspberrypi3 board. So i have
below queries
1) Raspberry pi3 board supports Zephyr os or not to port?
2) In case it supports, what are the steps i need to take care?

Thank you,
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