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Hi David,
Zephyr does not use the Nordic SDK softdevice, it comes with its own Bluetooth stack which gets compiled into your application hex file. You would get rid of the code on your module and flash just the zephyr hex file, or you could also flash mcuboot if you want a boot loader.
If you are using the nRF connect SDK which uses zephyr then the ‘softdevice’ mentioned there has no relation to the Nordic SDK softdevice, it is Nordic’s proprietary lower link layer Bluetooth stack but similar to if using the one in zephyr, it gets statically linked to your output application and so you do not need the Nordic SDK softdevice

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I've got a question regarding Zephyr for nRF52 devices. I have an nRF52832 device with an old application firmware and bootloader that is utilizing an older version of SoftDevice (v5) and SDKv14.2 from Nordic. I'm currently building an application with Zephyr right now to target the same hardware. Would I need to update the SoftDevice version on the device first in order for my Zephyr application to run? What SoftDevice version is the current Zephyr running?



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