Re: SAMC21 support and subscribe to zephyr development lists.

Michael Hope

Hi Romin. There's more information about the devel@ list at including instructions on how to subscribe.

re: the SAMC21, I haven't been involved with the SAM0 work in a while but I also haven't heard of anyone working on that particular family. The SAM0 series is interesting as the families are all similar but slightly incompatible - it should be straight forward for you to add support and adapt the drivers but it's hard to say without diving in!

-- Michael

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On Thursday, May 6th, 2021 at 7:01 PM, Romin Gajjar <rominzephyr@...> wrote:

Hello Zephyr Development Team,

1) I want to subscribe to the  devel@ mailing list.

2) My Colleague and I are working on development of SAMC21 port for Zephyr. Like I have seen D21, D20, E54 etx files in zephyr which I got working with their respective evaluation boards (D21 Xplained )

I would be highly obliged if anybody has any leads on any existing on-going activities  for SAMC21 microcontroller. I have been trying to integrate things but there are many hiccups to build the code considering the clocking style is different for SAMC21 compared to D21 or E54. I have already integrated the ASF files from Microchip studio utilities/cmsis.

Thank you in advance for any slightest piece of information or help for this topic. Even if you could connect me with any on-going development team in the community that shall be greatly appreciated. 

I am really looking forward to some direction or experienced help from your community as I am not an expert at this point.

Yours sincerely,


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