Things to do when submitting a PR

Nashif, Anas


Here is a TOP10 list to improve and accelerate the review process of pull requests. If you follow them, chances are your pull request will get the attention needed and it will be ready for merge sooner than later:


  1. Make sure you are on top of latest main branch
    1. # git fetch upstream
    2. # git rebase upstream/main
  2. Run compliance tests locally and fix any issues before submitting a PR
    1. # ./scripts/ci/ -c upstream/main..
  3. Make sure title of PR explains what is being fixed or added
  4. Make sure your PR has a body with more details about the content of your submission
  5. Make sure you reference the issue you are fixing in the body of the PR
  6. Add reviewers if you can and know who will be able to review your code
  7. Set the labels if those are not automatically set by the bot.
  8. Watch early CI results immediately after submissions and fix issues as they are discovered
  9. Revisit PR after 1-2 hours to see the status of all CI checks, make sure all is green
  10. If you get request for changes and submit a change to address them, make sure you re-request review from those who asked for the changes





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