Re: How to add username and password to MQTT_Publisher

Lubos, Robert

Hi Brenton,


Generally your approach is correct to set the username/password in the `client_init()` function of the sample, but please note that these fields are not plain C strings but rather `struct mqtt_utf8` pointers. So for instance for username you should create username struct (note the `size` parameter does count the NULL terminator) :

static struct mqtt_utf8 username = {

     .utf8 = "kapua-password",

     .size = sizeof("kapua-password") - 1



And then use it in the `client_init()`:

client->user_name = &username;


The same applies to the password field.





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Subject: [Zephyr-devel] How to add username and password to MQTT_Publisher


Hi, I am trying to get "mqtt_publisher" working with Eclipse Kapua using "qemu_x86".

I managed to get mqtt_publisher working with a simple mosquitto client, however I cannot connect to Kapua because I need to add a username and password.


How do I add username/password to the publisher?

I already tried directly inputting the values in "client_init" (client->password = "kapua-password";)

Using wireshark, it shows that the username and password flag has not been set.


With thanks


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