Re: stm32 quadrature decoder general purpose timer functionality

Piotr Mienkowski

Hi Matias,

On 21.06.21 20:42, Matias N. wrote:
I need to access STM32's general purpose timer's quadrature decoding functionality. I'm trying to understand what exactly is needed to expose this, either write a custom driver accessing arch-dependant interface directly or if there's at least some support exposed via counter API for example.
So far support for quadrature decoding functionality of a general purpose timer/counter module has been implemented as a dedicated sensor driver. You can check

* drivers/sensor/qdec_nrfx
* drivers/sensor/qdec_sam

They use a different binding than a regular counter driver. It's the compatible property of the timer/counter DT node that decides which driver will 'own' it.

There is also a basic sample app to demo the driver: samples/sensor/qdec.


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