Using two UART-based protocols on the same UART link

Vincent Guenat <vincent.guenat@...>

Hello there!

I have a Zephyr-based module connected to a host via a UART connection and I would like to use two different protocols, namely Bluetooth HCI (as shown in zephyr/samples/bluetooth/hci_uart/src/main.c) and MCUmgr's SMP (as shown in zephyr/subsys/mgmt/mcumgr/smp_uart.c). From the source code I understand that each of them is registering a callback to the UART subsystem with uart_irq_callback_set and uart_irq_callback_user_data_set to be notified when new data is available, but, obviously, only one gets the data.

Is there a way to make the HCI and SMP UART drivers collaborate? I thought maybe having a different ISR that would forward the data to one or the other subsystem depending on the received bytes could be a solution.

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Vincent Guenat


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