Re: Failed to register advertisement: org.bluez.Error.NotPermitted #nrf52



Did you configure the Bluetooth stack in zephyr to enable the additional options/features? Hciconfig was deprecated 3 years ago now, use the latest version of blueZ and the latest utilities, not utilities that were dropped years ago.




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Subject: [Zephyr-devel] Failed to register advertisement: org.bluez.Error.NotPermitted #nrf52


Hi there ,
I am trying to turn on advertise and  I have  below errors 

[bluetooth]# scan on

Discovery started

[CHG] Controller AB:89:67:45:23:01 Discovering: yes

[NEW] Device FE:9B:39:0D:92:DA Nordic_UART

[NEW] Device EB:2E:27:65:B2:50 Nordic_UART

[NEW] Device 5B:38:AE:01:DA:1A 5B-38-AE-01-DA-1A

[NEW] Device 4C:5C:1F:26:C5:E6 4C-5C-1F-26-C5-E6

[NEW] Device DE:B1:4E:96:12:A3 TS101C_860906040263136

[NEW] Device F4:0A:E3:37:E7:95 TS101C_869857038077916

[NEW] Device EB:93:06:F2:57:91 FMC125_0597405_LE

[CHG] Device 5B:38:AE:01:DA:1A RSSI: -62

[NEW] Device 49:5B:9B:25:3B:48 49-5B-9B-25-3B-48

[NEW] Device E5:56:26:5A:B0:2E TS101C_358250330000216

[CHG] Device 5B:38:AE:01:DA:1A RSSI: -77

[CHG] Device 5B:38:AE:01:DA:1A RSSI: -64

[bluetooth]# scan off

Discovery stopped

[CHG] Controller AB:89:67:45:23:01 Discovering: no

[CHG] Device E5:56:26:5A:B0:2E RSSI is nil

[CHG] Device 49:5B:9B:25:3B:48 TxPower is nil

[CHG] Device 49:5B:9B:25:3B:48 RSSI is nil

[CHG] Device EB:93:06:F2:57:91 TxPower is nil

[CHG] Device EB:93:06:F2:57:91 RSSI is nil

[CHG] Device F4:0A:E3:37:E7:95 RSSI is nil

[CHG] Device DE:B1:4E:96:12:A3 RSSI is nil

[CHG] Device 4C:5C:1F:26:C5:E6 TxPower is nil

[CHG] Device 4C:5C:1F:26:C5:E6 RSSI is nil

[CHG] Device 5B:38:AE:01:DA:1A TxPower is nil

[CHG] Device 5B:38:AE:01:DA:1A RSSI is nil

[CHG] Device EB:2E:27:65:B2:50 RSSI is nil

[CHG] Device FE:9B:39:0D:92:DA RSSI is nil

[bluetooth]# discoverable on

Changing discoverable on succeeded

[CHG] Controller AB:89:67:45:23:01 Discoverable: yes

[bluetooth]# advertise on

Failed to register advertisement: org.bluez.Error.NotPermitted


Also observed that there is no link policy . And link mode is Master by default and when i tried changing it i have below error .

root@swi-mdm9x28-wp:~# hciconfig -a hci0 lm SLAVE,ACCEPT

Can't set default link mode on hci0: Operation not supported (95)

root@swi-mdm9x28-wp:~# hciconfig -a


Type: Primary  Bus: UART

BD Address: AB:89:67:45:23:01  ACL MTU: 27:7  SCO MTU: 0:0


RX bytes:417 acl:0 sco:0 events:29 errors:0

TX bytes:228 acl:0 sco:0 commands:29 errors:0

Features: 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x60 0x00 0x00 0x00

Packet type: DM1 DH1 HV1 

Link policy: 

Link mode: MASTER 

Can't read local name on hci0: Input/output error (5)

root@swi-mdm9x28-wp:/usr/libexec# ./bluetooth/bluetoothd -v
root@swi-mdm9x28-wp:~# bluetoothctl --v
bluetoothctl: 5.50

Please Let me know what could be the reason and a probable solution to overcome this issue .

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