Periodic Advertising with long periodic intervals

Carl Stehle

I am having some difficulty establishing and maintaining scan
synchronization to a Periodic Advertising train when the Periodic
Advertising interval is relatively long (e.g. 10+ seconds).

I am using 2 nRF52840 DK boards (v1.1.10 2019.9) and a post-Zephyr
v2.6.0 version (commit #1836f10bb701f2b20f18bc59ec943cc39f57a9fc).

The Advertiser is samples/bluetooth/periodic_adv (with modified
Periodic Advertising interval values of 8000 i.e. 10sec).

The Scanner is samples/bluetooth/periodic_sync

Synchronization works well with shorter intervals (and sometimes
with longer intervals).

I have two questions:

1. In subsys/bluetooth/controller/ll_sw/ull_scan_aux.c
   ull_scan_aux_setup(), should the block:

    if (aux_ptr->ca) {
        window_widening_us = aux_offset_us / 2000U;
    } else {
        window_widening_us = aux_offset_us / 20000U;

be instead:

    if (aux_ptr->ca) {
        window_widening_us = aux_offset_us / 20000U;
    } else {
        window_widening_us = aux_offset_us / 2000U;

The reason being that in the Core Specification 5.2 Vol 6, Part B AuxPtr field, CA value of 0 is 51-500ppm so window widening
should be greater than for CA value of 1, which is 0-50ppm.

2. In subsys/bluetooth/controller/ll_sw/ull_sync.c: ull_sync_setup()
[and perhaps subsys/bluetooth/controller/ll_sw/ull_slave.c:
ull_slave_setup()], should the "remainder_periodic" argument to
ticker_start() equal the interval after window widening?

Currently, the "ticks_periodic" argument to ticker_start() is
computed from:
    interval_us -= lll->window_widening_periodic_us;
(presumably to advance the scan by the window widening amount?)
but "remainder_periodic" is also computed from the same value.

  "ticks_periodic" = interval_us - lll->window_widening_periodic_us;
  "remainder_periodic" = interval_us + lll->window_widening_periodic_us;


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