Re: LittleFS example overwrite falsh memory #builds

Ermel, Dominik



If I understand correctly: the  LittleFS partition is configured to start at the 0x080FC000, where you write your data with external tool?

The LitteFS does not recognize the data on partition and formats it for itself, by erasing your data and writing the LittleFS superblock.





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Hi there!

I'm using the Samples/Littlefs with an STM32 EVB without any problems.

I want to save some data files (txt, html, json, etc) in the uC's flash, so I can read them during the code execution.

At this moment I can save the data directly to the memory (starting at 0x080FC000), using external tools, but when I upload the program the data that I have stored previously is overwritten as depicted in the figure.

Is this supposed to happen, or I'm doing something wrong?

Thank you


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