ODP: Issue when log2, printk and assert together

Chruściński, Krzysztof


just tried it in hello_world and it compiles fine with configuration you've provided. Can you make sure that CBPRINTF_STATIC_PACKAGE_CHECK_ALIGNMENT is not set (it should be disabled by CONFIG_LOG_PRINTK).


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Temat: RE: Issue when log2, printk and assert together


I have cherry picked below 2 commits to zephyr2.6 branch and build it.


Then I have included the macros CONFIG_LOG=y , CONFIG_LOG2_MODE_DEFERRED=y, CONFIG_LOG_PRINTK=y and CONFIG_ASSERT=y. Then the build error got resolved and got below warning,

__ASSERT() statements are globally ENABLED



After that I have added below statement in my application,

__ASSERT(0, "ERRROR:Line:%d,File:%s\n", line, file);


Then again I am getting build error same like before the fix.


Is this issue completely resolved in the rtos? If it is any other commits do I need to take to resolve this issue?





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Subject: RE: Issue when log2, printk and assert together



Good. It is got fixed now.


Thank you for the response.





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Subject: ODP: Issue when log2, printk and assert together


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good timing. Fix for that has been merged 40 minutes ago: https://github.com/zephyrproject-rtos/zephyr/pull/36883

When printk is redirected to logging (CONFIG_LOG_PRINTK) then printk.h includes log_msg2.h which includes cbprintf_internal.h which includes __assert.h which includes printk.h. Fixing it by adding compile time switches for including and using asserts in cbprintf and forcing to not use them when LOG_PRINTK is set. Fixes #36486.






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Temat: [Zephyr-devel] Issue when log2, printk and assert together


Hi all,

When enable CONFIG_LOG2_MODE_DEFERRED=y, CONFIG_LOG_PRINTK=y and CONFIG_ASSERT=y flag. I am getting the build error even there is no log/assert messages are used.


PFA of cmake error log.


But when I change to old method CONFIG_LOG_MODE_DEFERRED=y then there is no build error.


Can anyone help me to resolve this error?


Idea is I need to use both assert and log together in the same project and printk messages needs to route via logging subsystem.




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