Re: simple template of Vendor Bluetooth mesh model

Trond Snekvik


The linked documentation page is for the nRF Connect SDK, which is not part of Zephyr. I would recommend posting questions about the nRF Connect SDK on the Nordic DevZone instead. There, Nordic's support team can answer questions specific to Nordic's SDK, which adds a couple of modules on top of the Zephyr Bluetooth mesh stack.

In Zephyr, I would recommend taking a look at the Mesh demo sample under zephyr/samples/bluetooth/mesh_demo/. This sample implements a tiny vendor model that sends and receives a button press message. Contrary to Nordic's Chat model, it demonstrates a minimal model implementation, including registering the model in the composition data, and constructing and parsing messages.

Additional resources:

For the nRF Connect SDK, the vendor model development overview accompanying the sample walk-through you linked might be easier to follow than the walk-through itself.


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Subject: [Zephyr-devel] simple template of Vendor Bluetooth mesh model

I'm trying to create a vendor model that sends messages periodically to mesh networks
I have followed Creating a new model and Chat sample walk-through on the documentation page, but I found it difficult to re-create a simple model from it
is there any simple model template that I can start with, and how to create the send functions and how to make it send periodically and non-periodically


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