Hello Zephyr support team, #ble #bluetoothmesh #hci #zephyrbluetoothmesh #uart


We have some questions regarding the BLE MESH, So kindly go through below hardware and software setup and please guide us about our queries. Your quick response will be highly appreciated.
Hardware setup: i.MX6ull based custom board(which has 1 GB RAM and 8 GB Emmc) with onboard nRF52840 BLE controller over UART.
Software setup: We have used Yocto Linux along with BLUEZ stack 5.50 on i.MX6ull based custom board, and nRF side we have flashed HCI UART (we have used zephyr 2.1)application along with mesh configuration.
For POC purposes we are using "meshctl" (From BLUEZ stack) command on i.MX6ull board as a provisioner, and we wanted to provision up to 350 devices, does it possible for the above hardware and software configuration?
In the future, we are planning to use the mobile application as a provisioner and once the mesh network is created we will add our board as a provisioner, In this way are we able to control the mesh network devices from our board?
From the zephyr side is there any limitation available to achieve this requirement?

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