Re: Problem when Flashing mesh_demo sample

Lawrence King

When I have seen that error the first thing I try is running the command “ nrfjprog -r” this should successfully reset your board, if it doesn’t then you have a hardware problem, check your connections. 

If it has never worked then you probably need to update your jlink libraries. The latest version on the Segger site works with the latest versions of windows. But the version distributed with the Nordic tools doesn’t always work. 


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Subject: Re: [Zephyr-devel] Problem when Flashing mesh_demo sample

"Omar Morceli via"
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>   Hi
> the mesh_demo project has been built correctly but I'm facing a problem
> when I flash it
>  C:\Users\OMAR\zephyrproject\zephyr\samples\bluetooth\mesh_demo> west flash
> -- west flash: rebuilding
> ninja: no work to do.
> -- west flash: using runner nrfjprog
> Using board 682695511
> -- runners.nrfjprog: Flashing file:
> C:\Users\OMAR\zephyrproject\zephyr\samples\bluetooth\mesh_demo\build\zephyr\zephyr.hex
> ERROR: JLinkARM DLL reported an error. Try again. If error condition
> ERROR: persists, run the same command again with argument --log, contact
> Nordic
> ERROR: Semiconductor and provide the generated log.log file to them.

If you're still having trouble, please follow the instructions in the
above error output and open a ticket on DevZone with the requested


> FATAL ERROR: command exited with status 33: nrfjprog --program
> 'C:\Users\OMAR\zephyrproject\zephyr\samples\bluetooth\mesh_demo\build\zephyr\zephyr.hex'
> --sectoranduicrerase -f NRF52 --snr 682695511

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