Re: West Flash failed with J-Link via JTAG connection

Srinivasan Tamilarasan


The issue resolved by adding below command,

board_runner_args(jlink "--device=RUBY" "--speed=4000" "--iface=jtag" "--tool-opt=-jtagconf -1,-1 -autoconnect 1")





From: Srinivasan Tamilarasan
Sent: 30 July 2021 04:35 PM
To: 'devel@...' <devel@...>
Subject: West Flash failed with J-Link via JTAG connection


Hi Guys,

I am trying to add jlink support for our custom device.


When I try to program using J-Link Commander is working fine, which program the binary into memory and application starts running successfully.


My custom device connected to J-Link debugger via JTAG interface. So I have added below commands in board.cmake file,


board_runner_args(jlink "--device=RUBY" "--speed=4000" "--iface=jtag" "--tool-opt=-jtagconf 4,0 -autoconnect 1")



When I try to execute the west flash command,  I am getting below error,


****** Error: CPU-TAP not found in JTAG chain


PFA of jlink log.


Kindly assist me to resolve this issue.




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