SDK 0.13.0 Release

Kumar Gala


Latest version of the SDK can be found here:

Please download and try things out and report any issues.

• general:
• Added support for ARC64. NOTE: GDB isn't currently supported for ARC64.
• CI/ changes to make building MacOS and CI building easier.
• Various fixes for building/packaging on MacOS
• Added GitHub CI workflow to build MacOS x86_64 packages

• qemu:
• Updated to QEMU 6.0.0
• Added arc64 support. NOTE: this update ARC support replaces the machine (-M simhs) with (-M virt). This change will require updates to boards/arc/qemu_arc/board.cmake in Zephyr to match.
• Pull in fix from upstream for TFM: target/arm: Use correct SP in M-profile exception
• Pull in fixes from upstream for: hw/arm: Fix modelling of SSE-300 TCMs and SRAM

• gcc:

• Update to gcc 10.3 release
• Added support for ARC64
• Removed libgcc transactional memory clone registry support
• Fixed incorrect build specs for libstdc++ nano variant. The libstdc++ nano
variant, which is used with newlib-nano, is now built with -fno-exceptions to reduce compiled binary size.

• binutils:
• Updated to add support for ARC64

• newlib:
• Updated to add support for ARC64
• Added multithreading support
• Fix nano.spec file to pull in nano libraries.
• Set -mthumb-interwork for nano newlib builds to workaround at crosstool issue.

• crosstool-ng:
• sync with upstream. Upstream now supports newlib-nano so we drop our Zephyr specific updates. This also pulls in gcc-10.3 and initial support for ARC64.
• Fix stripping of newlib-nano libs

• yocto:
• Update to yocto 3.2.3 baseline. This is in prep to support building qemu-6.0.0

• openocd:
• Update to upstream 20210630 snapshot

Thanks to all that contributed fixes and enhancements to this version of the SDK.

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