Re: How to receive published data using MQTT subscriber?

Lubos, Robert

Hi Brenton,


I’m afraid we don’t have an out-of-the box example for the MQTT subscriber in the Zephyr tree. However the aforementioned “mqtt_pubsub” test is a good reference on how to handle subscribtions. There are basically three things to do in order to receive data for a particular topic:

  1. Subscribe to a topic with `mqtt_subscribe()` function,
  2. Handle `MQTT_EVT_PUBLISH` event in the MQTT event handler function,
  3. In the `MQTT_EVT_PUBLISH` handler, make sure to consume all of the payload with `mqtt_readall_publish_payload()` for instance.


You can also check the Nordic MQTT sample as a reference (, note however this example is nRF91 specific and contains some other stuff unrelated to MQTT per se.





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Hi devel team


May you please assist me with this issue.


I managed to use the "mqtt_publisher" example in the sample folder, as well as the "mqtt_pubsub" and "mqtt_subscriber" in "zephyr/tests/net/lib".


From the subscriber examples I could not find code to receive messages which are published to the subscribed topic.


- Is there any example code available for receiving the messages from the subscribed topic?

- If not, how do you suggest I proceed?


With thanks


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