Re: Bluetooth mesh composition limite size

William Fish

A couple of things:
a. I have found it could be a BLE buffer issue; CONFIG_BT_MESH_LOOPBACK_BUFS=30
If you increase this it allows the device to process more self-generated messages

b. Composition page error needs further investigation, it may be worth have a look at

Get the target node’s composition data.

If the other device does not have the given composition data page, it will return the largest page number it supports that is less than the requested page index. The actual page the device responds with is returned in rsp.

  • net_idx – Network index to encrypt with.

  • addr – Target node address.

  • page – Composition data page, or 0xff to request the first available page.

  • rsp – Return parameter for the returned page number, or NULL.

  • comp – Composition data buffer to fill.


0 on success, or (negative) error code on failure.

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