Driver development on zephyr

Nandhakumar Sundarraj <Nandhakumar.Sundarraj@...>



Need clarification on driver development on zephyr. We are developing a new chip(ARM Cortex M0+ based SoC) for which Zephyr RTOS would be used. We have seen the driver APIs defined under zephyr/include/drivers and zephyr/driver folders(e.g, uart.h, spi.h, gpio.h).

  1. Is it mandatory to fill the zephyr defined APIs and application should call only zephyr defined APIs? Or can application call our own driver APIs(under modules/hal folder) directly without using zephyr defined APIs?
  2. Is there any advantage of using zephyr defined driver APIs?
  3. In future, if we are open sourcing our code, is it okay to keep our driver under modules/hal instead of zephyr/driver?




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