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Benedikt Schmidt

Hi there,

the KConfig files contain the definitions of possible configuration options. You can then set them in your prj.conf like this:



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On 31.08.21 22:36, Ebrm Jam via wrote:


I have a technical question, I'm trying to modify the Tx power of the hci_usb sample before flashing it to a controller. I've found in the zephyr/subsys/bluetooth/
controller/Kconfig file that I can add "BT_CTLR_TX_PWR_0" somewhere, however I don't know where to put it, is it in the KConfig file or the prj.conf ?

Also, is it just the "BT_CTLR_TX_PWR_0" line that I need to add or
           bool "+5 dBm"
           depends on HAS_HW_NRF_RADIO_TX_PWR_HIGH>
entirely ?

Will it work for the hci_usb sample ?

Thank you so much

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