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Hi Sacha,
How have you configured it? Have you enabled and set the sample up to have the correct configuration options for your usecase? hcitool, hciconfig etc. are all deprecated tools, bluetoothctl is the single utility to use for Bluetooth when using BlueZ. Also BlueZ 5.50 is old, try on a newer build like 5.61.

On Fri, 2021-09-03 at 01:25 -0700, Sacha Person via wrote:


I have a problem, the nrf52840 dongle using hci_usb sample isn't working on Raspberrypi OS.

Some of the BlueZ tools work with it but not others, can you check it out ?

Here's a StackOverflow question that shows all the error messages I've got with it, even following the Zephyr documentation:

Thank you !

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