Re: SDK 0.13.0 Release

Roberto Bagnara

On 04/08/21 01:15, Kumar Gala wrote:
Latest version of the SDK can be found here:
Please download and try things out and report any issues.
• general:
• Added support for ARC64. NOTE: GDB isn't currently supported for ARC64.
• CI/ changes to make building MacOS and CI building easier.
• Various fixes for building/packaging on MacOS
• Added GitHub CI workflow to build MacOS x86_64 packages

• qemu:
• Updated to QEMU 6.0.0
• Added arc64 support. NOTE: this update ARC support replaces the machine (-M simhs) with (-M virt). This change will require updates to boards/arc/qemu_arc/board.cmake in Zephyr to match.
• Pull in fix from upstream for TFM: target/arm: Use correct SP in M-profile exception
• Pull in fixes from upstream for: hw/arm: Fix modelling of SSE-300 TCMs and SRAM
• gcc:
• Update to gcc 10.3 release
• Added support for ARC64
• Removed libgcc transactional memory clone registry support
• Fixed incorrect build specs for libstdc++ nano variant. The libstdc++ nano
variant, which is used with newlib-nano, is now built with -fno-exceptions to reduce compiled binary size.
• binutils:
• Updated to add support for ARC64

• newlib:
• Updated to add support for ARC64
• Added multithreading support
• Fix nano.spec file to pull in nano libraries.
• Set -mthumb-interwork for nano newlib builds to workaround at crosstool issue.
• crosstool-ng:
• sync with upstream. Upstream now supports newlib-nano so we drop our Zephyr specific updates. This also pulls in gcc-10.3 and initial support for ARC64.
• Fix stripping of newlib-nano libs
• yocto:
• Update to yocto 3.2.3 baseline. This is in prep to support building qemu-6.0.0

• openocd:
• Update to upstream 20210630 snapshot
Thanks to all that contributed fixes and enhancements to this version of the SDK.
Hi there.

Would it make sense to add documentation to the SDK installers?
I mean, given the reference to gcc 10.3 in the announcement,
I know where to find GCC documentation for it, but what about
binutils, the standard libraries and the other stuff included.
Surely applicable documentation can be found, but the manual
process of finding the right documentation is cumbersome
and error prone.
What do you think?


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