Attn: Maintainers - LTS Release Notes v2.7.0

Christopher Friedt

Hi everyone!

It's that time of the release cycle, and I would like to invite all
maintainers to make PR's for the v2.7.0 LTS release notes [1].

There have been a number of additions already [2] so thanks to those
who have already made changes. For reference, please have a look at
previous release notes [3].

This release cycle is undoubtedly the largest ever. As such, I expect
that the release notes will be quite extensive, so please ensure that
you have sufficient time to make the necessary changes.

Also, I would like to welcome the following new / added maintainers
since v2.6.0.

* Stephanos Ioannidis, C Library, CMSIS-DSP Integration, C++
* Robert Lubos, Networking
* Felipe Neves, Espressif Platforms
* Glauber Maroto Ferreira, Espressif Platforms
* Mulin Chao, Nuvoton_NPCX Platforms
* Jun Lin, Nuvoton_NPCX Platforms
* Wealian Liao, Nuvoton_NPCX Platforms
* Enjia Mai, Intel Platforms (X86)
* Tomasz Bursztyka, Drivers: PTP Clock
* David Leach, NXP Platforms
* Ryan Erickson, Drivers: Modem

Please excuse me if I have forgotten anyone.

Thank you for all of your contributions!


[1] doc/releases/release-notes-2.7.rst

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