Zephyr v2.7.0-rc3

Christopher Friedt

Hi Zephyr community!

Just a heads up that we have tagged v2.7.0-rc3 \o/ [1]

At the request of some other community members, I am opting to
continue code-naming release candidates, and this one will be
codenamed “Math Contest”, for … reasons.

There will be one last release candidate before the final v2.7.0 LTS
release is made.

For this LTS release, we will be doing things slightly differently.
Namely, we will
* create v2.7-branch
* allow merges to main to resume
* merge bug-fixes to the v2.7 branch as backports

The purpose of this approach is to ensure that merging new features
and enhancements can continue even while the final v2.7.0 LTS release
stabilizes. All changes targeting Zephyr v2.7 (LTS) need to be
submitted to the main branch and marked with the backport v2.7-branch
label. A bot will create a backport pull-request when the changes are
merged into the main branch. In case a change only targets the LTS
release, it must be submitted against the v2.7-branch.

Please note, that there may be some selectivity about backporting
fixes to v2.7-branch. Specifically, we cannot backport any fixes that
may introduce any additional risk or instability.

Thanks for your patience and we hope to see some incredible features
in main again soon!


Respect and enjoy the peace.
-- anonymous antagonist
[1] https://github.com/zephyrproject-rtos/zephyr/releases/tag/v2.7.0-rc3

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