Changes to project roles and github permissions

Nashif, Anas

Hello everyone,

We recently made changes to the project roles and the access levels given to contributors on github. Please refer to the full documentation of the roles below for more details:

The summary of the changes:

- Contributors are initially only given Read access to the Zephyr GitHub repository. Specifically, at the Read access level, Contributors are not allowed to assign reviewers to their own pull requests. An automated process will assign reviewers.
- Contributors who show dedication and skill are granted the Github Triage permission[1] level to the Zephyr GitHub repository. You may nominate yourself, or another GitHub user, for promotion to the Github Triage permission level by creating a GitHub issue, using the nomination issue type: Go to Issues, click on “New Issue” and select “Contributor Nomination” issue type, submit the issue and wait for it to be processed.
- Contributors granted the Github Triage permission level are permitted to add reviewers to a pull request and can be added as a reviewer by other GitHub users. Contributor votes on pull requests are not counted with respect to accepting and merging a pull request. However, Contributors comments and requested changes should still be considered by the pull request author.
- Contributors are promoted to the Collaborator role by adding the GitHub user name to one or more collaborators sections of the MAINTAINERS File in the Zephyr repository. Collaborator votes on pull requests can block or approve the pull request.

Many new contributors already had the same access as “Collaborators” (Write access). This access will be reset and only collaborators and maintainers referenced in the MAINTAINER file will have write access now.

If you notice that you do not have the same access as before, then most likely you are not in the MAINTAINER file. You will need to add yourself to the MAINTAINER file in the areas you are most active in using a pull request, once merged and approved, you will be assigned the collaborator access level.

This change will take effect Monday, October 18th.

If you have any concerns or questions, please reply to this email or use discord.

Thank you,



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